Online Training Course Progress-Focused Coaching

October 4 and October 20

This online training course (via Zoom) of 2 half-days is a practical introduction to the progress-focused approach. It is conducted by Gwenda Schlundt Bodien and Coert Visser, developers of the progress-focused approach.

The progress-focused approach is a set of principles and techniques which help individuals and teams make achieved and desired meaningful progress visible and to get ideas about next steps forward. The progress-focused approach, originally inspired by some practical techniques from solution-focused brief therapy, now heavily relies on findings from scientific psychology. It is used by many coaches, trainers, managers, teachers and employees.

The content of the training is very practical and, at the same time, based on scientific research. Current scientific insights and techniques from the progress-focused approach will be made available to you as a participant in a simple and applicable manner. You’ll get an opportunity to try out progress-focused techniques and reflect on what’s useful to you in individual conversations and at team meetings.

The training days are on October 4 and October 20 2021 (09.30-12.30 CEST). If you have any questions, please feel free to email us . 

Price: € 499 (excl. VAT)

We kindly ask you to purchase the following two books for the training: 1) Creating Progress and 2) A Brief Introduction to the Progress-Focused Approach.

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Cancellation is free of charge up to three weeks before the start of a training. Thereafter, 75% of the costs will be charged. If you have to miss one or more days, you redo them later at no additional cost.

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