On January 28, we had our kick off session of our training in the Progress-Focused approach. It was a pity that not all of you who were interested could be there. We hope to meet you next time. You are welcome to join!


Suggestions after session 1

Here are  6 suggestions. Please choose three suggestion that seem interesting to you and try them. 

  1. Read chapter 2 and 4 of the book ‘Creating Progress’ (which you will receive soon). Make a note of what you find most useful and interesting and bring your notes to the next training session.
  2. Watch Carol Dweck’s presentation on the growth mindset and then read this article about growth mindset interventions 
  3. Listen to this podcast about the CPW-seven steps approach to coaching. (Alternatively, listen to this podcast, it’s the same but then in Dutch)
  4. Read this article on basis psychological needs. Think of a few ways in which you might apply what you have read. 
  5. Go through the checklist Progress Focused Interventions starting on page 212 of the book Creating Progress. Select a few formulations that you find interesting and use those in your conversations the next two weeks. Afterwards, reflect on your experiences. What was the benefit of using those formulations? What worked well?
  6. Read this article on autonomy support. Afterwards, write down some ideas and or questions about what you have read. 



Until the next session!

Coert Visser and Gwenda Schlundt Bodien


Center Progress-Focused Work


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